Confused About WordPress Plug-ins for Internet Marketing?

It’s no secret that a lot of online marketers are turning to the WordPress platform for business sites of all kinds. There are a lot of reasons to use WordPress. It’s really easy to use, customize to your liking, plus it’s totally free. You don’t need a PhD in HTML or CSS to design your site, either. What’s more – you don’t have to bother with buying an expensive theme, or template. The coolness doesn’t end there because you can achieve just about any functionality with the use of plugins. Choosing the best and most effective plugins for you online business is important. Here are the top WordPress Plug-ins for internet marketers.

You should look into the importance of 301 redirects, and you can use the Redirection plugin to handle that. It will also log and track all your accumulated 404 Errors, so that’s very cool to have, as well. There’s nothing worse than a site you really want to check out, but then you get a 404 error message and no way to see it. The plugins operation is to send your visitor (301 redirect) to a URL that you decide on in the event of a dreaded 404 error. This is a great way to keep people on your site. 404 messages make you look unprofessional, and this plug-in helps you keep them from becoming a major problem. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can use the fabulous plugin – GoCodes by WordPress. Everyone hates how affiliate referral URLs look, so GoCodes shortens them, cleans them up, and you can have control over how their used. And of course you’ll be able to have more control over loss of commissions due to theft. Online shoppers are experienced these days. They will actually spot an affiliate url, and then if they want to buy they just bypass, or delete the code. Well, GoCodes puts an end to that nonsense.

There’s a plugin, SMS Text Message, that send a text to subscribers whenever there’s a site update. Ok, first it uses an optin form that it places on your site. Your visitors will need to opt-in with their cell phone number so they can receive your site’s text messages. So this is a unique approach to updating your subscribers of any site updates. Of course not very many people are going to be open to giving out their phone numbers these days so don’t be surprised if it takes you a really long time to build up your list. WordPress has long been recognized as an excellent and user friendly CMS, and the plugins only add tremendous advantages to it. What’s really unbelievable, but true, is that it’s all completely free to use. So you can do whatever you want and customize it however you want, it will always be free to do. You’re free to add any plugins, adjust code, or change themes whenever you want. You can do this without being a programmer or web designer, and there’s no previous experience required.

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