Search engine Results you need from a company you can trust

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You broke down and finally got someone to build a website.  Your nephew Parker said he could do it for you free!  Awesome.  And now if you look up your actual domain name, your website is THERE!  If you look up your company name, there’s your website!  Awesome, huh?

Not so much.  Why?

SEO Helps People Find your Services or Product

Search engine Results you need from a company you can trust
Search Engine results you need!

Let’s face it, if people know you, your company name, or your website URL, they will be able to find you online.  Unless you’ve got one heck of a circle of friends, all those friends are probably NOT going to give you all the business you need to keep your business going the way you want.  What YOU need is to be found by those people looking for your service or product that DON’T know you.  That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO Gets You Coming Up For YOUR Service or Product

At least GOOD search engine optimization does.  There are a lot of companies that really don’t know much about search engine optimization that will promise you the world and after 6 months you’re still not coming up for anything.  You are coming up due on another monthly payment though. You’re not even MOVING in the search results pages.  And then you go on to the next company.

How do WE do Search Engines?

Onsite SEO – we approach your website optimization first with strong on-page optimization.  We work with your page content, your meta tags, and all the other items that are directly controlled on YOUR site.  We make sure that we have your company microformat in place to let Google and the other search engines like Bing, Ask, and Yahoo know where and who you are.

Offsite SEO – The next step is to find you good solid backlinks to your site.  Passing links back and forth with your other buddies is NOT the way to get good rankings on any of the SERPs pages. What you need are high quality contextual links in page content, not be one of 50 links on someone’s “My Buddies” page. Not on a sidebar list of 10-15 websites. Good solid articles from strong PR websites is where it’s at. Web 2.0 links coming in from pages that have complementary content to YOUR website. That’s what it takes to get your site some benefit from off-site SEO work.

Proper Social Signals – making sure that the search engines know that you ARE a real company.  We make sure your company has proper listings to say YES, this is a real company with a real product or service. Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more are all great places to make sure YOUR site is getting the attention it needs.

We Don’t Help Everybody

happy-woman-using-computerCan we help everybody? Probably, but there are certain things that have to be in place.   A strong website with a good structure is important.  If you’re unwilling to let us work with your structure and page content – we will NOT help you. It’s a recipe for failure.

What IS your budget?  The services that we provide are comprehensive and require a lot of ongoing attention.  If you’re looking for the “deal of the day” SEO, there are a lot of companies that would love to take your money. We know what we are doing and we provide each customer with ALL that knowledge.  How much of that knowledge we can actually put in play on your behalf DOES hinge on how much you can spend. The more competitive the market, the higher the cost.  If you want to compete against companies that are spending $500-$5000/month on their SEO campaigns, you need to be realistic. “Deal of the Day” SEO is NOT going to get you there.

Get YOUR Search Engine Optimization Campaign going NOW!

SEO is NOT a dash – it’s an ongoing process where target keywords are set, progress is measured in monthly reports and goals are met – and then move on. Month by month, you should see progress on your targeted keywords. But it all starts with an initial consultation to identify what your goals are, what your budget is, and where your website is at right now as far as search engine rankings.

Free Website SEO Report

Contact us now for your free website SEO report.  We will provide you with a quick on-site optimization report that is free to keep and put to use in any way you see fit.  Or even have us start immediately working on those items and get you moving!

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