Get your coffee and head to Facebook!


Where do YOU go first thing in the morning?

Get your coffee and head to Facebook!
Get your coffee and head to Facebook!

If you’re like a lot of people, after you’ve grabbed your coffee, you very likely will head on over to Facebook to see what’s happening with your friends. Facebook has become an obsession for a lot of people. While it may too prove to be a passing thing like MySpace, or even earlier, AOL, Facebook is the gorilla in the room when it comes to social media right now.

It has become extremely important to have a presence on Facebook. Seventy percent of customers go online first for local business information. And with SO many people nearly living on Facebook, can you guess where they often look first? You guessed it – Facebook.

Don’t let it hurt me!

Local Business or Place, Company page, Brand or Product page, Public Figure page, Entertainment, Cause or Community page – AAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Do you know what kind of Facebook page you need? How about tabs for contests and giveaways? Want to get Facebook ads in play for your company? Facebook has moved in the last few years from a “fun” thing to almost a must have thing. If you want to find out about business promotions, sales or specials, businesses often put that kind of information out on the Facebook pages first to reward their followers. Does yours?

Let us get your Company Page on Facebook

We work on social media solutions, including Facebook, all the time. From our offices just outside Raleigh NC, we do this every day.  From creating extensive social media campaigns that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more to just simply getting a small business online. Unless you have a lot of time to kill figuring out how to do all of this yourself, do yourself a favor and call a company that will get it right for you, the first time, with no worries – just pure performance!

And we promise, it won’t hurt.

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